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taking new clients and work


if emailing me please include the following info.

-where you want to get tattooed
-how big
-send any reference photos (send photos of my current work that you are into!  that helps alot)

I am usually booked 3-4 months ahead.  I probably won't be able to tattoo you on short notice as much as i would love to.

As an artist I am constantly trying to grow.  I may not want to tattoo similar things that I have a year or two ago in order to keep things fresh.  If I don't respond it may be that your idea does not fit with my current scope of practice.  No hard feelings meant. 

look at the post previous to this to see stuff i want to do!


what do i want?

hi people.

some times it is hard to describe what i want to do or go with my art work.  
but if no one knows then that doesn't help either.

here are some mock ups of tattoos i would like to do or a least a visual explanation of where i would like to go in my artwork.

I have lots more ideas and would be happy to work with people on them.

next booking time is oct 30th.  email me with ideas.  

i will also be tattooing in montreal at the start of February for a week or so.


Uncle Arlo.

Mission Tattoo Calgary

Thank you so much to everyone at Mission Tattoo in Calgary!!!!!

Had so much fun.

clocks wolves and thirteen o'clock

this wolfer won an award at the
vancouver tattoo convention.

thank you!

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